Ben Nemtin

Like typical college students, Ben Nemtin and his friends, Dave Lingwood, Duncan Penn and Jonnie Penn craved more excitement than what their daily lives offered. Unlike typical college students, the foursome committed to expanding outside of the monotony and to achieving to-dos on their list of “100 things to do before you die”, including everything from riding a bull (#8) to hosting a cooking show (#42) to helping to deliver a baby (#74). Their quest also included helping a stranger with something on their list for every item the group accomplished. Since first venturing out in 2006 as The Buried Life, with a secondhand video camera and a rented RV, Nemtin and friends have inspired and helped people around the world to achieve their own goals.

What started out as a two week journey to see how many items they could check off their list has become a popular TV show (checked #53 off the list), a #1 New York Times bestselling book (took care of #19), and an inspiring movement that encourages individuals to realize their dreams and help others in the process.

A sought after speaker, Nemtin has inspired individuals at universities, businesses and events around the world, including Harvard Law School and various TEDx presentations (#67—make an important speech). Nemtin’s work has earned him honors including Prism Award and Do Something Award nominations.

Along with a sold-out national book tour and appearances on top-rated programs, including the Today show, Nemtin and The Buried Life were invited to the White House in 2015, in acknowledgement of their efforts in helping others.

With lessons learned from achieving his own goals and helping others with theirs, Nemtin delivers perspective that inspires audiences to dream big, accomplish their objectives and identify creative strategies to help others